I'm an Opioid Addict: Is Suboxone My Answer?

I'm an Opioid Addict: Is Suboxone My Answer?

Breaking free from addiction doesn’t have to be punishing and without reprieve. If rocky withdrawals turn you away from the recovery process, you have options to help you be successful. 

Seeking help from a Suboxone® specialist is a great way to improve your experience and give you the tools and support you need to maintain sobriety. 

At CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center, with multiple locations in Maryland and Delaware, our team of board-certified pain management specialists offers Suboxone treatment to help you end your addiction and start your life anew.

How Suboxone works 

It’s remarkably easy to become dependent on prescription painkillers and remarkably difficult to overcome that dependence. The compassionate staffers at CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center understand that trial and punishment only make recovery more inaccessible. 

To assist our patients in quitting narcotics, we offer treatment with Suboxone. This medication combines buprenorphine and naloxone, an opioid agonist and antagonist, respectively. 

The key lies in the Suboxone formula. Buprenorphine is a partial agonist, and naloxone blocks the receptors, meaning that Suboxone doesn’t fully engage your brain in the same way as a full agonist like oxycodone or hydrocodone. 

The result is relief from withdrawal symptoms without the same high of taking opioids. 

There’s also a lowered risk of overdose associated with Suboxone, especially when a clinic prescribes it. That makes it significantly safer than attempting to wean yourself off opioids on your own. 

Recovering with Suboxone

Before you can begin taking Suboxone, you need a doctor to clear you. During your consultation at CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center, your physician reviews your medical history and performs a wellness check to confirm your health. 

Refrain from seeking Suboxone treatment until you’re in a moderate state of withdrawal. If you’re still actively taking opioids or experiencing severe symptoms, consider seeking proper rehabilitation first. 

We recommend additional addiction treatment alongside Suboxone, such as counseling or therapy. When all of your needs are met, you’re significantly more likely to succeed in staying sober. 

Suboxone is most effective sublingually, or administered under the tongue. A dissolvable strip quickly releases the two drugs into your system. 

Eventually, with the help of your CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center provider, you gradually decrease your Suboxone dosage until you can safely stop using the medication.

To learn more about Suboxone and find out if it’s right for you, schedule a consultation at CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center by calling the location nearest you, or request an appointment online today. 

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