Why Does My Neck Hurt So Badly?

Why Does My Neck Hurt So Badly?

It takes a lot to hold up your head, especially for hours every day. Even without hair, the human head can weigh up to 11 pounds, and the strain of keeping it upright requires the strength and support of numerous bones, ligaments, and muscles. If you’re experiencing persistent neck pain, you should seek professional care.

At CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center, with multiple locations in Maryland, our board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists can help pinpoint the cause of your neck pain and recommend appropriate treatment.

Common causes of neck pain

Chances are, you might be able to pinpoint a reason or two you’re experiencing neck pain. If you drive or work online for large parts of the day, you might experience neck strain caused by your posture. If you’ve recently been in an accident, an undiagnosed injury or whiplash could be the cause of your neck pain. 

If your neck pain seemingly has no cause, it might be a sign of a condition like arthritis, spinal stenosis, or degenerative disc disease. Most cases involving neck pain require a thorough evaluation to diagnose the cause and develop a treatment plan.

Diagnosing neck pain 

At CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center, we begin each consultation with a comprehensive exam and discussion of your medical history, including the nature of your pain and any previous neck injuries. 

Our team also measures your range of motion by turning and moving your neck in different directions to check for discomfort. We also test the function of your joints, muscles, and nerves to determine where your pain is originating from. 

If needed, we can also use diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays or MRIs, to get a detailed look at your cervical spine and the surrounding tissues. Using these results, our team can begin outlining a treatment plan. 

Treating neck pain

There are many treatments for neck pain depending on the severity and cause of the pain. Chronic pain is a complex problem, and our team at CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center often tries to both reduce the pain and encourage healing. 

This process usually involves combining multiple treatments, such as the following: 

If you have neck pain, don’t wait to seek professional help, because it can take time to develop an ideal plan. To get the help you need, book an appointment online or over the phone with CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center today. Our Maryland offices are located in Hyattsville, Gaithersburg, Lanham, Dundalk, Oxon Hill, Rosedale, and Olney, and we have two offices in Baltimore.

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